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Silica Flour

Product Description

Silica Flour will comprise 7.1% of Specialty Sand products and 0.8% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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Silica flour is used as an inert functional filler and extender in the production of cement, ceramic and sanitaryware products.

Current production of ground silica in Australia is approximately 40,000 tpa, even though installed production capacity is at least 160,000 tpa. This production excludes the very large volume of silica that is ground captively by companies that manufacture fibre-reinforced cement products, ceramic tile bodies (e.g. Australian Building Ceramics/Acacia Tiles), and sanitaryware bodies (e.g. Caroma in NSW and Victoria). Reportedly, such silica is wet ground and delivered directly into the manufacturing process. When the in-house supply is interrupted occasionally, due, for example, to equipment repairs these companies purchase silica flour in large volumes, on very short notice and at prices considerably in excess of their own wet milling costs. SCM expects to have adequate demand in Sydney for all of its silica flour.