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Hydrous Kaolin - Rubber Filler

Product Description

Hyrdous Kaolin - Rubber Filler will comprise 3.3% of Kaolin products and 0.3% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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While carbon black is regarded as the best reinforcement agent in rubber, filler materials such as alumina trihydrate, precipitated silica, fumed silica, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), zinc oxide, calcium silicates, silica flour, kaolin, and magnesium carbonate are extensively used in non-black products. Kaolin is the main non-black filler material used in rubber, accounting for a large portion of all the non-black filler used.

Hard kaolin clays (slightly finer particle size than that of soft kaolin clays) are mainly used in non-black rubber goods where high abrasion resistance is important, e.g. shoe heals and soles, floor tiles and mats, conveyor belts, and bicycle tyres. Soft kaolin grades are principally used in household products, toys, rubber, and clothing.

Apex Fenner Belting, a Melbourne based manufacturer of conveyor belts, is a major consumer of hard kaolin filler. The typical price range for rubber filler kaolin is AUD300-400.