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Metakaolin Cement Pozzolan

Product Snapshot

Product description
A high brightness (77/100 raw, >93/100 calcined) kaolin, with 50% of particles finer than 2 μm, low alkalis (K2O ~0.72%, Na2O ~0.10%), low iron content (~0.34% after magnetic separation, potentially lower with bacterial beneficiation), low titanium (~0.26%), high alumina (~35.1%), and a well ordered, crystalline structure.
Product uses
High Reactivity Metakaolin is a semi-calcined kaolin, used to enhance the performance characteristics of cement-based mortars, concretes, and related products. It contributes to increased strength, reduced permeability, greater durability, efflorescent control, and control degradation caused by Alkali Silica Reaction ("ASR").
Annual market demand
Domestic: 640,000 tpa (all pozzolanic materials, not just MK).
International: ~6,000,000 tpa.
Current domestic sources
None. Western Australia (Simcoa) produces Silica Fume, a similar product, but one that is in very short supply.
Sale price, ex-bin
300.00 - 550.00 (AUD/t)
Sales tagets (tpa)
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Market proportion
Domestic: 3.9% at full production.
International: 3.9% (of NZ market) at full production.