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Brick & Tile Additive

Product Snapshot

Product description
A high brightness (reflectivity) (77/100 raw, >93/100 calcined) kaolin, with 50% of particles finer than 2 μm, low alkalis (K2O ~0.72%, Na2O ~0.10%), low iron content (~0.34% after magnetic separation, potentially lower with bacterial beneficiation), low titanium (~0.26%), high alumina (~35.1%), high Pyrometric Cone Equivalent (32), and a well ordered, crystalline structure.
Product uses
Structural clay products include common and facing bricks, clay pipefittings, roofing tiles, outdoor pavers, and other fired clay products used as basic components in the building and construction industries. In order to achieve the currently fashionable pastel shades of bricks, tiles, and pavers, it is necessary to use a blend of a number of different raw materials.
Annual market demand
Domestic: 275,000 tpa (Sydney).
International: >20 million tpa.
Current domestic sources
Various small pits in Southern Highlands (limited life and freight issues).
Sale price, ex-bin
32.00 - 40.00 (AUD/t)
Sales tagets (tpa)
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Market proportion
Domestic: 4.0% at full production.
International: Not considered for export.