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Progressive Site Development

The Project will require the clearing of land for the extraction of friable sandstone. Although the total area of land developed at the end of the Project will be approximately 25 ha, clearing will take place in a staged manner in order to minimise the visual impact of the development throughout its life. The figure below displays in graphical form the proportions of the site to be cleared at various stages of the development. The table following outlines this numerically.

In addition to a progressive schedule of site development, Sydney Construction Materials will employ the technique of progressive rehabilitation using terraced landscaping, minimising the visual profile of the site for the life of the Project. Click here to read more about progressive rehabilitation using terraced landscaping.

This figure depicts the staged timing of site development for the life of the Project.
End of Year
Incremental Area Developed
Total Area Developed
2.04 ha
2.04 ha
1.4 8ha
3.52 ha
2.64 ha
6.16 ha
2.07 ha
8.23 ha
2.90 ha
11.13 ha
8.87 ha
20.00 ha
3.85 ha
23.85 ha
1.16 ha
25.01 ha