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Calcined Kaolin - Plastic Filler

Product Description

Calcined Kaolin - Plastic Filler will comprise 7.5% of Kaolin products and 0.6% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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A large variety of fillers are used in the plastics industry. The most important mineral fillers are precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), kaolin, and talc. An estimated 90% of all mineral fillers used in plastics are consumed in the production of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (especially in power cables), polyethylene, and unsaturated polyesters. Minerals are generally added to polymers as low cost extenders and/or reinforcement materials. The density of a mineral filler determines the reduction in the weight of the plastic that can be achieved before the loadings become too high and start affecting the performance of the plastic. Kaolin is lighter than either calcium carbonate or talc, allowing a higher mineral loading.

In the USA, kaolin is one of the most commonly used fillers in plastics, while in China, where talc is relatively cheap, kaolin's use is less common. High value "functional fillers" can be shipped further than lower value mineral products, which includes export to New Zealand and Asia.

The price of calcined kaolin used for plastic filler ranges from AUD750-900.