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Pea Gravel

Product Description

Pea Gravel will comprise 21.3% of Specialty Sand products and 2.4% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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The pea gravel component of the resource is comprised of silica particles >2mm in diameter. Its key uses include as a decorative garden landscaping material, as a drainage aggregate to aid in the prevention of erosion in places of high runoff, to provide fill in cavities surrounding road tunnels to aid drainage, and as a filter bed base.

Current domestic use is on the order of 350,000 tpa. Accurate international usage figures are difficult to obtain, but the number is quite large.

The main domestic sources of pea gravel are found in Victoria and Queensland, with limited resources in NSW. The SCM deposit therefore provides an elegant solution to the local supply of pea gravel, and will be particularly important in light of the large infrastructure project funding recently announced by the Federal Government.

Production figures are tied in to overall sandstone extraction rates. Tight particle size specifications in the construction sand industry mean that the pea gravel, unlike the other specialty products, cannot be blended back into the construction sand. That being said, the relatively large domestic demand for this product means that the sales target of just over 33,000 tpa at full production will be readily achievable.