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Filter Media

Product Description

Filter media will comprise 10.9% of Specialty Sand products and 1.2% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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Premium quality filter media, specifically refined for gravity and pressure filtration, are specialty sand products that serve a wide range of applications, including water treatment plants, tertiary sewerage filtration, industrial water treatment, and swimming pools.

Filtration bed profiles, comprising mono-media, dual-media, and multi-media (garnet, silica, anthracite) types, all contain quartz sand and gravels as a major component with the addition of coal, garnet, manganese green sand, and zeolite. The washed and screened filter sands are provided in bulk bags (up to 2 tonnes) or in smaller 20 kg and 40 kg bags.

Sydney currently imports most of its filtration sand from other states, mainly Queensland and Victoria. The extreme purity and sub-rounded particle shape of the washed and screened "premium grade" friable sandstone from the SCM deposit will likely result in NSW becoming a net domestic exporter of filter sands in the future.