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Brick & Tile Additive

Product Description

Brick & Tile Additive will comprise 9.2% of Kaolin products and 0.8% of all products produced by the Project at full production levels.

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Structural clay products include common and facing bricks, clay pipe-fittings, roofing tiles, outdoor pavers, and other fired clay products used as basic components in the building and construction industries. Virtually any form of clay can be used in brick manufacture, including a variety of weathered shales, slates, and granites. The most important properties of structural clay are its plasticity and its colour when fired. Colour is important in marketing the finished product. In order to achieve the currently fashionable pastel shades of bricks, tiles, and pavers, it is necessary to use a blend of a number of different raw materials.

The excellent white-firing properties of the Newnes Junction refined kaolin make it a prime candidate for the light coloured products.

Approximately 3 Mt of structural clay and shale are produced annually in NSW. White-firing clays for the Sydney market, sourced from the Marulan-Windellama area, are becoming scarce. SCM will easily sell as much clay into this lowest value market as desired. Indeed, this market will be the fall-back position for the sale of kaolin in the worst case-scenario.